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May Mobility was founded to solve a unique challenge facing the world today; an imbalance in access to mobility within the backdrop of increasingly congested cities and towns. The result is a company that uses technology to create a better, cleaner and more accessible way to get around.

Population growth and an increased desire among citizens to live in urban environments is leading to increased traffic congestion in our cities -- which is further exacerbated by the current transportation infrastructure. This congestion and poor infrastructure is making transportation more dangerous, our commutes more difficult, and our environment more polluted. This is an untenable situation, but one that can be solved with the right people, purpose and technology.

through self-driving technology

Steeped in our sense of purpose, we’ve brought together the brightest team of innovative thinkers to explore, develop and deploy autonomous technology to solve these problems with urgency. This perseverance has allowed us to be the early leaders in introducing autonomous transportation to riders.


Today, we operate autonomous shuttles in several cities, demonstrating that we are focused on more than just research, we are focused on impact. Our deployments in these cities have allowed us to learn more about riders’ needs and about what works in autonomous technology today, in order to continue to evolve the shuttle of tomorrow.

We have only scratched the surface. We believe that through a dogged commitment to exploring and deploying autonomous technology we will pioneer new technological solutions that will continue to advance mobility in unexpected ways.

This belief in the power of autonomous technology is what drives us. Through autonomy we can reduce human error in driving, decrease pollution and create greater economic benefit for our communities and our riders.


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May Mobility. Transforming cities through autonomous technology to create a safer, greener, more accessible world. We are working with forward-thinking cities to provide a new experience that will make travel safe, simple and reliable. Join Us.


The Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (AVGR) brings self-driving shuttles to downtown GR streets through summer 2020.

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Grand Rapids COVID-19 Statement

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A few tips and tricks to help you prepare for your first ride aboard a May Mobility shuttle.

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Our team has a curiosity for the world, the ability to dream big, and a sense of urgency for achieving goals.

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We are based in Ann Arbor, MI and are seeking talented engineers and pioneers who share our passion for building the future, today.

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